Events to be released during the summit

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Events to be released during the summit:

The launch ceremony of the Blockchain Labs

Blockchain Labs is a non-profit leadingresearch institution, which focuses on the blockchain technology. The Labs willsummon experts to explore the research, commercialization and industry strategyof blockchain technology, and offer guidance to entrepreneurs and reference topolicymakers, ensuring blockchain will contribute to development of economicand society.

The launch ceremony of the blockchain investment fund

CHINA WANXIANG HOLDING CO. LTD(WANXIANGHOLDING) will set up a 50 million USD fund, focusing on blockchain projectswith commercial potentials, to invest globally in promising projects, bothinitial stage (angle fund, seed fund) and PE phases.

Theawards ceremony of excellent projects

In next three years. WANXIANG HOLDING willgrant 1 million USD to the Blockchain Labs each year to support worldwidevolunteers and projects in blockchain and digital currency fields. Shortlistedprojects will be released in this summit.

The launch ceremony of Blockchain Book Series

Aiming to promote and popularize blockchaintechnology, the Blockchain Labs is also planning the “Blockchain Book Series”to support blockchain related books. We started with Ms. Melanie Swan’s book“Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy”, which has been translated intoChinese and is being published. The Chinese edition of the book will bereleased during the Summit.